Supporting parental involvement through the pandemic

November 18, 2021

Parental involvement is key to student success. At ASA we are committed to excellence in education and the personal growth of every student. And we are proud to offer our students an inclusive, supportive and engaged learning community. This school year, while continuing to maintain strict safety protocols, we were happy to finally welcome parents back on campus on a few occasions. Over the past weeks, ASA parents had the opportunity to connect with each other and with teachers, as well as to follow up on their children’s progress and on school life in general.

Annual General Meeting

On October 12, the Board of Trustees convened parents and teachers on campus for the first Annual General Meeting of the year. The school director, Richard Reilly, started off the meeting with an update on his priorities for 2021-2022 and beyond, and on managing ASA through the ongoing pandemic. This school year, safety protocols have relaxed to support multi-grade classes and after school activities. However, vigilance is still a must. For the next years, the school will focus on enhancing the G6-10 program to provide skills to excel in IBDP, promoting student leadership and service learning, improving career planning and college readiness, and the school’s strategic planning and financial sustainability. The director’s presentation was followed by a report from the Diploma Programme (DP) coordinator, Kelly Elam, on IBDP results and university enrollments for 2020-21. The meeting ended with a report from ASA-appointed Auditors on the Financial year 2019-2020.

Parent Teacher Conferences

On October 27-28, parents, students and teachers met during Parent Teacher Conferences (PTC), which are held twice a year. The aim of the conferences is to provide a checkpoint for parents to see how their child is progressing, and give an opportunity for students to discuss their learning goals with their teachers and parents. Elementary parents and students came on campus to meet their homeroom teachers while secondary parents discussed with the teachers online via Zoom.

PTO Café

On November 17, the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) hosted its very first PTO Café of the school year. PTO Café is a fantastic time to chat and meet new parents while having pastries, hot and fresh beverages. Parents could also enjoy some student work and art. The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a community of parents and teachers who unite to work together for the enrichment of the students’ intellectual, physical, social development and education. All ASA parents and teachers are members of the PTO.