Service learning gives students the opportunity to apply their knowledge attained in various subject areas to have a positive impact on their local community while working collaboratively. All students are required to participate in the school’s service learning program.

Our Approach

At ASA, we highly value the contribution which our students and staff make to our wider community. We believe that this is some of the most important, impactful work that we do, and vital to our vision that our students be their best selves for a better world. The approach differs from community service in that it directly connects with what students are learning in school and is student-driven with teachers as facilitators.

At the elementary level, service learning is a part of a grade level PYP Unit of Inquiry and is closely guided by the grade level teacher. At the middle school and high school levels, service learning groups follow a cycle of inquiry including the following stages: (1) identifying a need, (2) preparation and planning, (3) action, (4) reflection, and (5) demonstration. Each service learning group is guided by teacher advisors.

In Secondary School, an hour of Service Learning will be scheduled on early release Wednesdays, and this time will be teacher supervised.

The Service Learning Process

1. Inventory and Investigation -Students make connections with community partners and identify a need.
2. Preparation and Planning-Students develop and carry out a plan to provide meaningful service.
3. Action-Students implement their plan through direct service, indirect service, research, or advocacy.
4. Reflection-Students systematically reflect on their experience and what they’ve gained from it.
5. Demonstration-Students showcase what they’ve learned and the outcomes of their service projects.

Service Learning Projects 2021/22