Training our students to be their best self for a better world implies the need for a strong programme that supports global citizenship and cultural competence. At ASA, we are committed to developing global citizens with the perspective, skills, passions, understanding and desire to take action and bring solutions locally to the global issues that challenge our world today, and in the future.

Service Learning (K-10)

As an IB World school, we build opportunities for meaningful action as an integral part of our curriculum. Our curriculum empowers students to apply their classroom learning to real-world situations, and foster a deep understanding of the relevance and impact of their studies.In addition to curriculum driven student action, all students in secondary school are engaged in standalone Service Learning projects that address a variety of global issues while fostering connections with local communities and promoting intercultural understanding. These projects range from promoting education and the welfare of minority groups to advocating for fairness towards nature and are meant to enable students to develop empathy and gain insight into the complexities of the real world. Throughout these projects, students collaborate to make meaningful contributions toward tackling these global challenges.

Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)

CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) is a holistic program designed to nurture DP students into their best selves while exploiting opportunities beyond their comfort zone. Through a balanced curriculum encompassing creativity, physical activity, and community service, CAS equips students with essential life skills, including collaboration, communication, leadership, and self-management. This multifaceted approach not only enriches their academic journey but also fosters personal growth and a commitment to becoming well-rounded, responsible global citizens.

Student Leadership Teams

The Student Leadership Teams at ASA serve as dynamic groups where students cultivate invaluable leadership skills while amplifying the student body’s voice within the broader school community. These teams empower students to take ownership of their educational environment by initiating and implementing positive changes that enhance the school community’s overall experience. Through active engagement and collaborative decision-making, students not only develop their leadership capacities but also contribute to shaping a more inclusive and vibrant learning community at ASA. Currently, ASA has 9 Student Leadership Teams that welcome passionate and determined students:

  • Elementary School Student Council
  • Middle School Student Council
  • High School Student Council
  • ASA News Group
  • Environment and Sustainability Group
  • SAGE (Student Alliance Group for Equality)
  • Student Media Team
  • Sports Council
  • Yearbook Team

Global Citizenship Diploma (GCD)

The Global Citizen Diploma (GCD) is an accreditation crafted by a collaboration of schools that share similar values. It serves to authenticate the responsible actions undertaken by the students who participate in it. The GCD offers a structured platform for our students to recognize and showcase their accomplishments as global citizens. Through the GCD, the American School of Antananarivo is proud to connect student actions in Madagascar to the wider global trends of service, creating positive ripples throughout the world. To delve deeper into the GCD’s evolution, its advantages for both students and schools, as well as the system guiding students in earning this credential, please explore the GCD website.