Philosophically, ASA is an inclusive school, where diversity is valued and we believe that all students can learn. We aim to provide an inclusive environment that allows students to develop and be successful according to their strengths, with some adaptations and accommodations to the regular educational program. Students are accepted into ASA if their additional learning needs can be supported within the regular curriculum; we do not offer an alternative program. We are able to offer individual and small group support with a qualified learning support teacher.

In making a decision to enroll a student with learning needs at the school, parents should consider carefully what services are required and whether these services are available at ASA or within the community. Such services as Speech and Occupational Therapy, Psychologists and Psychiatrists are typically unavailable in Antananarivo, in English.

ASA reserves the right to request Psycho-Educational Testing of students with suspected undiagnosed learning needs. Such testing is necessary to provide the information to ensure that the learning needs of the student are being met. Parents should be aware that this testing may need to take place outside of Antananarivo, depending on the language needs of the student and the availability of qualified testers.

Please refer to our Student Services Handbook for further information.