In line with the values of the ASA Vision, our school counsellor supports students and the community so that we can be our best selves for a better world.

The school counsellor is trained to provide short-term individual and group counseling to address mental, physical, and emotional concerns that may be impacting students’ learning and/or their well-being. Students may be referred to the counsellor by a parent, teacher, school administrator, or they may ask to see the counsellor themselves.

In Elementary School, the school counsellor leads lessons and activities that are based upon the ISCA (International School Counseling Association) model and includes lessons in the domains of academic, social, career awareness, and global perspectives. In Secondary School, the school counsellor collaborates with advisory teachers so that students are supported by their identified social-emotional needs.

ASA’s counselor offers support and information to parents in a variety of ways: individual meetings, email, school newsletters, etc. Parents are encouraged to contact the counsellor by phone, email, or in person regarding any aspect of their child’s well-being while at ASA.

Katie Kriefall
K-8 Counselor


ASA has developed a set of standards and policies that will allow students to present high quality applications to appropriate colleges and allow us to advocate as effectively as possible on their behalf.

ASA students are supported as they develop self-understanding, take standardized assessments, learn about colleges and universities, and complete applications. We want each student to ‘reach for the stars’ while maintaining the important balance necessary to have terrific options, even if ‘reach’ schools do not come to fruition.

Students should complete the college application process with a feeling of success and, importantly, with opportunities to attend a school that is the best fit for them in terms of intellectual, academic, social and career opportunities.

Vera Den Otter
Social-emotional & College Counselor