A wide variety of extracurricular activities such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, judo, dance, drama, arts, crafts and music, language classes and technology are offered after school hours on school grounds. The number and types of activities depends on the availability of instructors within the community in any given year.


The ASA after school activities program changes three times yearly. A calendar of available activities will be sent home at the beginning of each quarter. The ASA Faculty in consultation with parents and the Parent Teacher Organization supervise this program. In addition to school-sponsored extracurricular activities, nearby clubs offer tennis, swimming, and horseback riding. Private instructors are available for music and other lessons.


ASA is a founding member and the primary financial supporter of the only Interscholastic Secondary Sports League in Antananarivo. Created in 2004, this interscholastic league provides an opportunity for ASA teams to compete against other schools. To be eligible for ASA athletic teams, students must be in good standing in their classes.

Athletic teams 2018-2019



Educational field trips are defined as school sponsored trips away from the school site. They are sponsored by the school with the purpose of enhancing learning. Some field trips may involve out of pocket expenses for parents.


Each year, elementary and secondary students elect class representatives to their respective Student Councils. The council provides opportunities for students to voice concerns, promote programs, and enact changes to better our school.