Parent workshop: Navigating the world of technology with kids

February 17, 2023

Navigating technology with kids in today’s digital age can be a challenging task for parents. To help, our School Counselor, Katie Kriefall, and Secondary Design Teacher, Grace Salter Jarrett, recently presented tips and strategies to ASA parents for managing technology use with children.

During the presentation, they shared ways to bring balance to screen time in home life, introduced parents to various apps, emojis, and acronyms that are popular among kids, and discussed how to introduce parental controls. They also offered advice on how to start conversations with children about technology use.

The main goal was to encourage parents to set the tone for technology use by establishing tech-free zones or hours at home, making time for face-to-face interaction after school or work, and using car time to talk. Parents were also encouraged to prompt their children to invite friends over to engage in offline activities like playing sports, playing an instrument, drawing, singing, or going for a walk.

At ASA, we believe in supporting students to master technology as a learning tool, while also prioritizing their well-being and fostering a culture of balance. We understand the importance of partnering with parents to ensure that students use technology responsibly and in a way that supports their overall growth and development.