ASA student wins Oxford Royale Academy scholarship

September 3, 2018
This summer 2018, Jennifer, one of our Grade 9 students, attended a Summer School in Oxford at Oxford Royale Academy (ORA) as part of their Regional Bursary Programme. Jennifer proudly represented Madagascar and ASA among hundreds of other students from 130 nationalities visiting from all over the world. She attended the New Perspectives Summer School for two weeks, ORA’s most popular and flexible academic Oxford summer programme for ambitious students aged 13-15. The programme allows students to pursue a combination of subjects of their choice while living and studying in colleges of the University of Oxford.
Here is a brief look back at her experience:

It was my second visit in England but my first time in Oxford. I made friends right from the first day. I felt like at the university: I was introduced to my room, I reviewed school policies, I received my keys and I even had a roommate. Sharing a room with my Chinese roommate helped me appreciate other cultures. Although we spoke different languages, we were able to communicate with each other in English. I took 3 courses: introduction to politics, introduction to experimental psychology, and acting. The first day I attended the politics class, I was lost, it was really deep. But in the end, I won 3 awards: Attainment Award for psychology, and Effort Award for politics, and Effort Award for acting as well. This Summer School has definitely changed my plans. Now I want to be more involved in politics and do something for my country. I have come to understand that the core reason why a country is poor or rich is because of politics.”