Official Opening of the new campus

January 30, 2018

Our new campus located at “Le Park Alarobia” was inaugurated on Thursday, January 25, 2018 by Mr. Rolland Justet Rabeson, Secretary General of the Ministry of Education, representing the Honorable Minister of Education, and His Excellency Robert T. Yamate, Ambassador of the United States of America in Madagascar.

In front of some 241 students waving flags from more than 30 countries, our school director, Dr. Caroline Brokvam, opened the ceremony by celebrating the beauty of the new campus: “…As educators, we are idealists. We are in the business of hopes and dreams. This beautiful new campus gives us the opportunity to hope and to dream a little bit bigger. ….We are surrounded by the kind of beauty now that inspires and that encourages exploration, innovation and reflection. In a world of rapid change, and a lack of quiet, these are key skills.

Rony Radaylall, member of the Board of Trustees, took a brief look at how far the school had come: “The ASA started in 1969 as a small school established by the American embassy to provide education to embassy’s staff children. The school community and reputation grew over time and the facilities had to be adapted regularly to the increasing student population. In more recent years however, successive Management and Board members have been actively planning, saving and looking for a more suitable facility to cater for the increased demand and to be more in line with the ambitions of the school.

According to Ambassador Yamate: “ASA is a shining example of how creating an open and stimulating environment, built on principles of respect, honesty, integrity, hard work, and resilience,  develops young people with the skills and values needed in today’s complex world. …With flexible learning spaces, an expanded library, state-of-the art classrooms, and expansive sport and extracurricular facilities, this campus is truly world class.  The close-knit and inclusive community remains, however, and reflects the school’s mission of bringing out the best in each child.”   

The Secretary General of the Ministry of National Education closed the series of speeches by congratulating the American School of Antananarivo for the building of this new campus: “The building of this new campus not only reflects your commitment to improve education in Madagascar but also demonstrates through this initiative that education is not only the business of the Ministry of Education, it is everyone’s responsibility.

The ceremony ended with the cutting of the ribbon by the oldest and the youngest of our students – a symbol of hope for the future mixed with good memories of the past and reverence for the school’s traditions.

Click below to view pictures of the Opening Ceremony:

Our new campus located at "Le Park Alarobia" was inaugurated on Thursday, January 25, 2018 by Mr. Rolland Justet…

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