Grade 5: PYP Exhibition 2021

Our amazing 5th graders completed their PYP Exhibition last week! Students inquired about gender roles, sustainable fashion, cryptocurrency, animation, charity, and disease prevention. Students took action in many ways including sewing recycled clothing, donating to the homeless, making a worldwide singalong, informational websites, and more! On Wednesday, the children and their families were welcomed back to campus one at a time to receive their certificates, exhibition t-shirts, and pose for photos. Ms. Cindy asked each student what they were most proud of with the exhibition and their answers included self-management, taking action, making clothes, editing a sing-along video, building a website, helping the homeless, animation, and cooperating with friends. Congratulations to Ms. Cindy, Ms. Emma, and the fabulous Grade 5 students for such impressive work! We are so proud of you!