Grade 4 students experience different governing systems

October 26, 2022

In Grade 4, under the transdisciplinary theme of “How We Organize Ourselves”, students are living in different governing systems that impact their lives. The provocation for this unit was two days of Anarchy, when students could do any of the learning activities that they usually do for as long as they wanted. This was followed by Monarchy, where they had a queen making all the decisions. Everyday, students are assigned jobs to earn a salary, which they use to pay rent and taxes.

Two and a half weeks ago, students had a change in their governing system when the Monarch (Queen K) was overthrown by a Dictator and his army General (roles brilliantly played by Mr. Richard Reilly and Mr. Andry Rasolofomalala)! As is true in most dictatorships, students’ freedoms were curbed, dissension and infractions were met with jail time (where students had to solve math problems to regain their freedom). Salaries were slashed and rent and taxes skyrocketed. Media was forced to write and talk on all things positive about dictatorship. The Dictator even tried to get control over our bank! And worst of all, the Dictator’s words were the law, which were implemented harshly by the General. 

Students finally devised a plan to overthrow the Dictator by holding a school wide protest. To garner the support of the whole school and to avoid being thrown into jail, they created visual books that explained their plight and asked for help with their protest which were circulated around school. Good news! They finally managed to overthrow the Dictator and put him in jail, where he has to answer a hundred difficult math questions! 

I wonder which governing system will they be living in next?

– Ms. Jyoti 
Grade 4 Teacher