ASA Choir returns from Berlin field trip

March 9, 2018

ASA’s High School Choir had a wonderful experience participating in the Berlin International Music Project this past week.  Students from all over Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, France, and Madagascar came together and participated in an intensive rehearsal series, culminating in a final performance on March 4th.  Our students made a great impression at this conference and were complimented by the director for being well-prepared, open-minded, kind, and friendly. The students made many connections with other choir members and I am certain these friendships will last. In the words of one choir member,

One of the best parts of this trip was being able to make new connections, so when I had time to build relationships with the Hungarians it was so nice because they are great people.”

Another said,

Singing with a bigger choir is different because you feel like you are part of something so much bigger. Every time I opened my mouth to sing, it wasn’t just my vocal chords, but the ones of so many other students. I think that was the best part of it all. It was the best experience to be able to contribute to the concert.”


In addition to daily choir rehearsals, students had time to visit the Reichstag, the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, the Jewish Memorial, and the Anne Frank Museum.  They also had some team-building activities as well which included laser tag and a trip to an escape room. The choir members displayed exceptional collaborative and problem-solving skills and escaped in record time.  

It was an absolute pleasure for me to take these exceptional students on this field trip.  As quoted, by one of the Hungarian members of the choir, “Music connects us!”

Kristen VanOllefen – General Music & Choir Teacher