ASA School Maker Faire: a celebration of creativity!

After months of preparation, ASA held its first School Maker Faire on Saturday, April 28th. This was the first event of its kind in Madagascar, and visitors had the chance to see great projects of all kinds created by students and other community members.

Maker Faire ( is a celebration of invention, creativity and resourcefulness in all disciplines: from science to art to robotics and video games. The first Maker Faire took place in May 2008 in California, USA. According to the founder of the Maker movement, Dale Dougherty, “Maker Faire offers the opportunity for us to see ourselves as more than consumers; we are productive; we are creative. Everyone is a maker and our world is what we make it.

All ASA “makers” or “exhibitors” (students, parents, teachers) showed what they had made and shared what they had learned through exhibitions, workshops and demonstrations. Visitors had amazing things to see and fun things to do: play video games made by the Coding Club, make and launch rockets, attend a launch of drones or a robot fight, participate in a writing workshop, or listen to the musical compositions of high school students. In our Family Exploration Zone, parents and kids could help build a cardboard maze, or add their own “skyscraper” to the Masking Tape City. Build Rube Goldberg machines! Try origami, explore music making apps, or learn some 3D design. Make “seed bombs” for guerrilla gardening. And play a few holes of our D.I.Y. Mini-Putt course too!

Thank you to all our families and friends who contributed or came along to help make our very first Maker Faire, a success!