ASA middle schoolers volunteer to teach English

March 7, 2019


At ASA, we highly value the contribution which our students and staff make to our wider community. All students are required to participate in the school’s service learning program.

“The Middle School Education Service Learning group is teaching English to students at a public elementary school this year. We have developed a lesson plan and printed a handbook for the children to use. On Wednesday, we taught them vocabulary related to the family and colors. Most of us have never taught kids before so it was exciting and challenging at the same time. Finding the rights words in Malagasy to give them instructions was not easy! At first, we were scared that the children would not pay attention to us, but they actually listened to us and were very kind. It was also nice to do this as a team, everyone had a specific role so we could work together to divide and conquer! I hope that what we teach them now will inspire them to learn English more, speaking English will help them when they search for a job in the future. Starting now is better than starting later!”- Audrey, Grade 8