ASA hosts a professional growth workshop for teachers

October 21, 2022

After October Break, ASA teachers gathered for a two-day professional development (PD) workshop. PD workshops are organized twice a year with the aim of improving student learning as well as the kind and quality of instruction. ASA adheres to the IB Approaches to teaching which state that teaching should be:

  • based on inquiry
  • focused on developing conceptual understanding
  • developed in local and global contexts
  • focused on effective teamwork and collaboration
  • differentiated to meet the needs of all learners
  • informed by assessment (formative and summative)

This year, the workshop focused on unit planning, assessment and differentiated instruction. Middle school teachers looked at different approaches to assessing students (diagnostic, summative and formative) and discussed best practices in order to create positive classroom environments. All teachers also reviewed the foundations and principles of differentiated instruction, learned components for building supportive learning environments, and explored diverse strategies and methods for differentiating instruction.

ASA provides a variety of professional growth opportunities to its staff so that they have the best knowledge and resources to meet the needs of the students. Want to join our team? Click here to view our current job openings.